IT Consulting

Resource Augmentation is a process that goes beyond mere staffing. This is where we specialize. We do all the background work in terms of understanding the requirements of a job. Then a thorough screening is done to find the right people to match the skills and experience required. Finding the right fit is always a huge task that requires a lot of analysis on the background, experience, skill sets, etc.
We help organizations in this augmentation process by placing staff – with positive background – that can work as turnkey resources and also endowed with the required skill sets and experience to handle functions from Day One.
Further, the personnel and HR needs of the deployed resources are required to be managed through the tenure to their utmost satisfaction. Our uniqueness is to ensure meticulous compliance to statutory requirements and guarantee employee satisfaction by engaging them in various ways although all of them work at client sites or end-user sites.
To achieve all the above, we have 3 specialized functionaries working from 1 location across India – Chandigarh.
The functionaries at each location consist of a team of Business Development people for close interaction with clients, a team of Recruiters to locate the right profiles and a team called CMG that manages the candidates deployed with clients. They are appropriately supported by corporate teams that perform centralized activities from contract reviews and background checks to salary payment and statutory compliance(PF, ESI etc) to documentation needs like Appointment Orders and Release letters.
Well laid out processes with appropriate automation facilitate smooth functioning right through the workflow from to assignment end.
  • Clients pay for the consultant’s skills for the duration of the engagement only.
  • Recruitment time is shortened.
  • Overheads are reduced
  • Opportunity for techies to work in various domains that gives exposure to multiple technologies.
  • Opportunity to develop their technical competence and stay ahead in the technological field.
  • Access to IT majors & work to develop cutting edge technological products.